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Bullying (Student Steps to Handle Bullying)
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Monday, April 10, 2017
How students can handle bullying

Stop, Walk, Talk, and Trash Can

            As the school comes to an end, it is typical for the students to become more restless. They have been together all year and quite frankly they are beginning to get on each other’s nerves! We as faculty and staff have re-presented our anti-bullying policy to the students. We presented this to the students and to parents at Back-to-School night last fall. Here is a summary of the presentation.

Bullying is comprised of three components

1.      The bully intentionally does something harmful to another student

2.      The action is repeated several times

3.      The bully is seeking power over the victim

Students have been told how to respond

1.      STOP—make a “fence” with one or both hands and say “Stop! I don’t like what you are doing.” Don’t touch the perpetrator, cry, or yell.

2.      WALK—walk away from the perpetrator if they haven’t walked away from you. Go to another part of the playground, join another group of students, or stand by an adult.

3.      TALK—if the perpetrator still bothers you after doing STOP and WALK, talk to an adult. Make sure you are telling and not tattling.

4.      TRASH CAN—take any hurtful words and put them in your make believe trash can. Tell yourself something positive about yourself.


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