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Bully Free Zone
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Tuesday, August 23, 2016
Six Types of Bullying

Six Types of Bullies

1.    Bully Victim—This type of bully is/was a victim of bullying him/her self. Bullying gives her/him a sense of power and control in his/her own life.

2.    Popular/Aggressive Bully—This type of bully has a big ego and a sense of entitlement. He/she thinks she/he is better than everyone else therefore can do what he/she wants.

3.    Relational Bully—This type of bully likes to say who is accepted socially and who is not. She/he engages in verbal bullying.

4.    Serial Bully—This type of bully is usually popular. He/she appears to be sweet, smart, kind, and helpful. However she/he is calculating, manipulating, and a liar.

5.    Group Bullies—This type of bullying is when there is more than one perpetrator picking on a victim. The group has a “pack” mentality and can be very dangerous when out of control.

6.    Indifferent Bully—This type of bully has deep psychological issues. He/she has no empathy for others and enjoys seeing others suffer.

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